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Our Ladies Privacy & Respect

Our ladies choose to be represented by our agency to avoid any hassle of having to arrange, advertise or negotiate. Please also refrain from asking the ladies for their personal email address, telephone number or social network details as they pride in their own confidentiality just as well as yours! Please no requests for car meets as this is a simple no.

It’s perfectly natural to be a little nervous, especially if it’s your first time or maybe your just not the talkative type? No need to worry, but whatever the circumstances you should always be polite, respectful and treat her like a lady! There is no reason to be rude to your personal companion, she is there to brighten your day and you have paid for the ladies time to be In your presence. So please keep all of this in mind and be the gentleman you are!


Booking Requirements

Once you have chosen your preferred escort companion you can book a date via phone on 07856423001 or ending 002. For security reasons on first time bookings you will need to go through the screening process which you can do via the BOOKING system.


We will ask for your name address and a few other details ,once you have completed this you will then be placed  on our system as a VERIFIED MEMBER! Your privacy And discretion are always assured with us. This enables us to prevent fake bookings but most of all to ensure the ladies safety first .


If In a hotel we will need a room number and the guest name you booked with. Always remember to keep your phone charged & please do not try to book with us off a with held number as we cannot accept. Always ensure that your location the escort is attending is neat and tidy and that you yourself are well groomed and take pride in your own hygiene and cleanliness. If you are running behind schedule please let us know.


If you would like to leave before your time is up our ladies won’t be offended so don’t be shy and just let them know. Or if you’d like to stay with your date longer just ask the lady if she’s happy too and extend your booking!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much notice is required?

Normally 1 hour notice is required however this depends on your location therefore it could be a little less or a little longer. We very much appreciate given as much notice as possible.


How do I pay for my appointment?

We accept payment in GBP Sterling. Payment should be made within the first 10 minutes of meeting. Please do not be offended if your companion requests this or checks the amount. She has been asked to do so by us.


Are the prices negotiable

The rates are stated on the site and are not negotiable


How will my chosen lady be dressed for our date?

Our ladies will always have a smart and elegant sense of style, but if you have any requirements we will do our very best to please you.


Are the ladies hygienic

Yes all of our ladies attend regular check ups as we want to ensure they stay fit and healthy throughout. This does not mean to say you can make inappropriate requests as we always support the health and safety for our ladies. It is primarily to give you piece of mind in the quality of our team of professionals but also for their own piece of mind and the agencies reputation as a whole.




We do not employ any escort companions under the age of 18 or against their own will and must hold a valid visa if they are from outside of the uk. Under no circumstances will you object or become violent if one of our models ends their session or refuses to perform a service or accommodate a particular request, you must always treat the ladies with no point will you be refunded for the ladies time as all the information is clearly stated and accurate. Our agency does not accept liability for any damages on account of engaging an escort companion. In the unlikely case of a disagreement a client must always contact the agency. By accessing, viewing the Siyah Dantel Escort Agency pages or arranging to meet one of Siyah Dantels models you acknowledge that you 18years or older and that the services you acces, the information you view are not in anyway illegal/ unlawful.


Filming or taking of any photographs is strictly forbidden. During your booking may we remind you that our models are fully under your care and protection.


This website is a promotional platform for arranging appointments for companionship providers the service that we provide is marketing management & arranging appointments only.


All ladies have requested to work alongside our agency and have given us full consent and permission in the use of pictures/ videos.